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How to Download YouTube Video Directly to Google Drive?

Looking to Upload Videos from YouTube to Google Drive. Here is the Simple Guide to Directly Download YouTube Videos to Google Drive Account.
How to Download YouTube Videos to Google Drive

I was watching videos on YouTube and stumbled upon a very intriguing funny video, and I quickly thought of downloading it to my Google Drive. I looked for a few options, and I found the best option is to first download the YT video to your device and then manually upload the video to Drive.

I tested a few other methods to directly download the YouTube videos to Google Drive without the need for manually downloading the file and then uploading it to the drive. I found a simple method; all you need to do is install a Chrome extension and create a YouTube video direct download link. The extension will directly upload the YouTube video to Google Drive.

Steps to Upload YouTube Videos Directly to Google Drive

Here are the Steps to Directly Download YouTube Videos to Google Drive Storage.

Step 1. Download Save to Google Drive Chrome Extension.

Add to Chrome

Step 2. Add the extension to Google Chrome Browser.

Add Extension to Chrome

Step 3. The extension is added to Chrome Browser URL Bar. If asked login with your G-Account.

extension is added to Chrome Browser

Step 4. Now open the YouTube video that you want to upload to Google Drive, and copy the URL.

Copy YouTube URL

Step 5. Search for a YouTube video downloader online. I used the YT1s online video downloader. Here paste the URL. You can use any other online YT video downloader of your choice.

Just make sure that the link generated should provide a direct download.

YouTube video downloader online

Step 6. Right-click on the download button and click on Save Link to Google Drive.

Save Link to Google Drive

Step 7. The video will be downloaded/uploaded to your Google Drive from YouTube.

YouTube Video Downloading to Google Drive

Only small video file sizes can be downloaded to Google Drive from YouTube using this trick.

You can set or change the folder in Google Drive.

Click on Options Google Drive

Here click on the Change destination folder, and select the folder where you want to download YouTube videos.

Change Destination Folder in Google Drive

That’s it with this simple guide you can download YouTube videos to Google Drive without the need to manually upload the videos to Google Drive.

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