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How to Auto Upload Photos from Mac Computer to Google Photos?

Backup MacBook Photos and Videos to Google Photos and Google Drive with these Simple Guide Below and Keep your Data Safe.
Backup Photos and Videos from Mac PC to Google Photos

MacBook is the most secure operating system in the market and offers a plethora of features. One such feature is iCloud a Cloud Storage service by the offer. The only issue with the iCloud is free storage space which is too low 5 GB compared to Google Drive which offers 15 GB of free storage.

Now, if you have photos and videos on your MacBook PC and wish to upload them to Google Drive or Google Photos automatically then there is an backup tool provided by Google Drive for macOS. Let us check the steps in detail;

How to Backup Photos and Videos from Mac to Google Photos?

Steps to Auto Upload Photos from Mac Computer to Google Photos Automatically

Step 1. Download Backup And Sync (∼50MB) from Google Drive for Mac.

Step 2. Click on the downloaded file and install the application.

Install Google Backup and Sync on Mac

Step 3. Once the app is installed, open the app from your application drawer.

Open Backup and Restore from Mac App Drawer

Step 4. The app will open and you see a cloud icon on the right-top of the menu bar.

Step 5. Click on the icon, if you be not already logged in, click on Add Account.

Add Google Account

Step 6. Once the Account is added, click on the Preferences… which you will find under the 3-dot menu option.

Click Preferences

Step 7. In preferences, select MacBook PC from the left menu option.

Step 8. Now right tick on the Google Photos option to ‘Upload the Newly Added Photos and Videos to Google Photos’.

Right Tick to Upload the Newly Added Photos and Videos to Google Drive

That’s it the Images and Videos Added to your Mac Device will Automatically Backup to Google Photos

How to Upload Photos from Mac Folders to Google Drive?

If you wish to upload images or videos from only a specific file or folder then you can by manually selecting the option in the Backup and Sync App. Steps listed below;

Step 1. In MacBook PC Menu, right tick on the folders or files from where you wish to upload and backup your photos to G-Drive and press OK.

Select Folder or File to Upload to Drive

Step 2. You can also, select a more in-depth file or folder, just click Choose Folder to do so.


Step 3. Now click on Change in Backing Up all Files and Folders.


Step 4. Now a new box will appear and click on Backup Photos and Videos and select the appropriate option according to your requirement and click OK.

click on Backup Photos and Videos

The photos and videos from the selected Folders and Files will be auto uploaded to Google Drive.

If you wish to Exclude any particular file format like .gif, .mp4, or any other file then click on the Advanced settings and enter the extension and Add it.


I hope the post was helpful. Do comment below if you need any more assistance.

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