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How to Pin or Unpin Folders and Files in Dropbox? 

This article will show you how to pin files and folders on Dropbox. Pinning the folders and files allows users to organize them, you can also unpin the files.
How to Pin Files and Folders in Dropbox

Dropbox is a tremendously valuable tool. It gives users the ability to keep all of their files protected and handy. Accessing files from anywhere on any device is possible for Dropbox users. Users can organize their files, share files, and work with others using Dropbox. Organizing files and folders on the platform is not difficult at all. Users can take the advantage of the multifile organize feature or pin files/folders to arrange their files.

Pinning folders and files fixes the file/folder to the menu bar located on the right. This allows users to quickly access the files. Once a user pins a file or folder, it is pinned for everyone who has access to that folder. Everyone with access can pin/unpin and view the files.

Pinning the Folders and Files on Dropbox

Users can pin folders and files only on The pinned files are displayed on the right side.

Step 1: Go to Dropbox’s website and sign in to your account.

Dropbox Homepage

Step 2: Find the file you want to pin, hover your cursor over it/ select it and click on the three dots to view the menu.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Pin to Dropbox‘ to pin a file/folder. Both files and folders can be pinned the same way.

3 Dot Menu Option

The file/folder will be pinned. The pinned files can be found by clicking on the thumbtack/pin symbol located on the right. Alternatively, users can also drag files/folders to the pinned files area to pin them.

Pinned Files and Folders

Pinned Items

Unpin Files and Folders on Dropbox

Users can unpin files/folders easily. Anyone with access can unpin files/folders.

Step 1: Go to Dropbox’s website and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Find the file you want to pin, hover your cursor over it, and click the three dots.

3 Dot Menu Option Unpin

Step 3: Click on the ‘Unpin‘ option to unpin the files/folders.

Unpin Files

The file/folder will be unpinned. The files/folders can also be unpinned from the taskbar which displays the pinned files.


Dropbox is an excellent file-storage service that can be best used for managing and storing files. Pinning files and folders allows users to keep files/folders of importance close to them. The process of doing so is extremely easy as you can see. Pin files in Dropbox using the given method and let us know if you found it beneficial.

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