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How to Stream Google Drive Video on Android TV Box?

Stream Google Drive Videos in Android TV without Downloading. Directly Play video stored in GDrive on VLC Player on Android Box.
Play Google Drive Videos on Android TV

Android TV Box is a media player that runs Android on TV. The Android OS is optimized for TV Sets. You can either buy an Android Smart TV or convert your Smart TV into Android using an Android Box. The OS offers games and apps designed for TV sets. OS comes with Play Store to download supported apps and games. You can also sideload 3rd party apps on Android TV.

There is no Google Drive app available for Android TV. But if you wish to Stream Videos Stored on Google Drive on your Android TV then there is a way. You can create a streaming Google Drive link and network stream the videos directly on your Android TV. Follow along to play GDrive videos on VLC Player Android TV;

Steps to Play Google Drive Videos on Android TV

Here are the Steps to Stream and Play Videos Stored on Google Drive Directly on Android TV without Downloading

Step 1. Create Google Drive API

You need a Google Drive API Key for streaming the video. The API key is needed to create a Google API URL link to play videos on Android TV without downloading. You can follow this Guide to Create Google Drive API Key.

Step 2. Create Sharing URL Link

  • Now look for the Google Drive files that you wish to play on Android TV.
  • Right-click on the file and click on the Get link
  • If the link is restricted, select Anyone with the link.
  • Copy the Sharing URL
  • Paste the Sharing URL and just copy the File ID and save it somewhere safe.<file-id>/view?=sharing


Step 3. Create the Google API Link

  • Open Notepad and enter the following Google APIs URL. Key
  • Paste the file id copied in the file-ID section and the API key in the APIKey section.
  • Copy and Paste the URL created somewhere safe.

Step 4. Download VLC Player and Stream

  • Open Play Store on Android TV.


  • Search for VLC for Android
  • Install the App


  • Here click on Browsing and then click on Network Stream


  • Paste the URL created in step 3 and hit enter.


  • The Google Drive Video will start playing within few seconds.

Video Stream on Android TV

Video Tutorial Guide

If you wish, you can watch the video below for a detailed guide showing API Key creation and URL tweaking to play GDrive videos on Android TV Box.


With this simple trick, you can Stream Videos Stored in Google Drive on your Android TV Box without Downloading the video using VLC Network Streaming Feature and Google Drive API.

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