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Tresorit Desktop Cannot Connect to Internet: How to Fix

Does Tresorit Desktop App Cannot Connect to the Internet on Windows PC. Here are Best Methods to Fix Tresorit Not Connecting to Internet on PC.
Tresorit Not Connecting to Internet on Windows

Tresorit is a cloud storage solution that implements end-to-end encryption. It is one of the popular cloud storage platforms for mobile and PC users. Often a complaint arises that the Tresorit desktop app is unable to connect to the internet on a PC. In this guide, we will check out the various troubleshooting tips to fix the issue.

When you cannot connect to the internet, you will not be able to retrieve your backup from the cloud or sync the files with Windows PC. Also, you cannot upload any new data to Tresorit. For working professionals, who create a backup every few days, being deprived of that will take a hit on their workflow.

The issue of connection may arise due to the ISP undertaking any maintenance. Also, if you have been using the VPN servers, they may be down or blocking some data transfer. It may be just a random bug that is showing up due to some other petty reason. If you newly installed Tresorit, then maybe Windows Firewall is blocking it from running, deeming it as a potential malware even though that’s not the case.

Top Ways to Fix Tresorit App Unable to Connect to the Internet on PC

If Tresorit Desktop App on Not Connecting to Windows PC, then let us check these fixes out to get Tresorit connected to the internet.

1. Restart the PC

To fix any random bug causing the Tresorit desktop app to not connect to the internet, you can simply restart the PC.

  1. Press the Windows key on the keyboard.
  2. From the search console, click on the Power icon.
  3. Select Restart from the menu.
    Restart Windows 11
  4. Access Tresorit once the PC restarts.

2. Check with Your ISP

Router Reboot Internet

Maybe your service provider has taken its server down for maintenance or to fix any other technical problems. Get in touch with ISP to confirm regarding the same. Check whether you are facing the connectivity issue with Tresorit only or if the problem is happening with all the other apps when you access them.

Try to use an alternate WiFi network. If you have sufficient knowledge to handle the routers, then you can manually reset them. You may get help from the ISP in this. Do this only if you ensure it is the network connection that is at fault for all the internet-dependent apps(including the Tresorit desktop app) and services on your PC.

3. Disable VPN Connection

If you use any VPN app, then try to disable it for a while. With VPN turned off, try to use Tresorit. When you use a VPN, you use servers from other countries to browse. These VPN servers of the other region take a load of requests from hundreds of users around the world. So, they may slow down at times or even disrupt. To overcome that,

  1. Exit the Tresorit desktop app.
  2. Open your VPN app and turn the VPN off.
    Turn Off VPN on Windows
  3. Sign in to your Tresorit account. It should now connect and work.

4. Log Out of Tresorit and Log-in Again

When there is any issue in the cloud storage, logging out and logging in back solves the issues most of the time. The same goes for Tresorit.

  1. In the system tray in the taskbar, right-click on the Tresorit icon.
  2. Select Exit.
    Exit Tresorit
  3. Then search for Tresorit using the Windows search console.
  4. Click Open.
    Open Tresorit App
  5. Log into Tresorit by entering your username and password.

5. Fix Incorrect Proxy Network Setups

You can tweak the proxy network setup on the Tresorit Desktop app if it is not connecting to the internet.

  1. Open Tresorit on the desktop.
  2. On the left-hand bottom corner, rightclick on your username.
  3. From the pop-up, select Application Settings.
    Tresorit Settings on Windows PC
  4. Then click on the tab Network.
  5. Usually, Proxy is set to Auto-detect by default.
  6. Change the Proxy status to No Proxy or Manual.
    No Network Restriction for Tresorit App
  7. Once done, close Tresorit and relaunch it.

6. Temporarily Disable the Firewall on your PC

For security reasons, often, Windows Defender Firewall may block Tresorit from running. To fix that, you can temporarily disable the firewall. Here is how to do it.

  1. Press the Windows key to invoke the search console.
  2. Then type Windows Security.
  3. Click Open when the appropriate search result shows up.
    Windows Security Open
  4. Next, click on Firewall and Network Protection.
    Firewall Settings Windows
  5. Select any of the three networks out of the Public, Private, and Domain networks.
    Private Network Windows PC
  6. On the next page, scroll to the toggle below Microsoft Defender Wall.
  7. Click on the toggle to change its status from On to Off.
    Turn OFF Windows Defender

Keep in mind to follow the above steps and re-enable the firewall on your PC.

7. Contact the Tresorit Support

When none of the other troubleshooting is working, it is better to get in touch with the support team of Tresorit.

  1. The link above will take you to a form.
  2. Input your contact details such as email ID, phone and the App version of Tresorit.
  3. Most importantly, mention the reasons why you want help from the official support team.
  4. Make sure to add that other troubleshooting methods you tried did not work.
    Contact Tresorit Support
  5. Press Submit.

Now, wait until the support team contacts you with any possible resolution to the issue.


Today individuals and businesses depend upon cloud storage to efficiently back up their data periodically. Given the security issues online, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage such as Tresorit is very useful for everyone. If the Tresorit desktop app cannot connect to the internet, follow the fixes mentioned in this guide. I’m sure the issue will be sorted out in no time.

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