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How to Enable and Use iCloud Photos on Mac?

Looking to Use iCloud Photos on MacBook Computer. Here is the Simple Guide to Access iCloud Photos on Mac.
How to Enable and Use iCloud Photos on Mac? 1

Apple devices are very closely linked with iCloud. If you enable iCloud Photos on your Apple device, all the device photos are automatically backed up to iCloud Photos, and these photos can be accessed across other Apple devices. For example, if you enable iCloud photos on your iPhone, then these photos can be accessed on your MacBook.

To access the iCloud photos on Mac, you need to enable iCloud photos on my PC as well. Below I have provided a simple guide by which you can access all your iCloud photos on Mac PC. You can either use Mac’s iCloud settings or use the iCloud web version to access iCloud photos using a web browser.

Enable iCloud Photos on MacBook Settings

If you wish to access iCloud Photos saved from your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device on your Mac Photos app, then you need to enable iCloud Photos on your MacBook PC to access the Photos.

  1. Open MacBook settings, click on  the icon, and open System Preferences.
  2. Click on Apple ID.
    Apple ID in MacBook Settings
  3. Here click on iCloud.
  4. Right tick on Photos.
    Right tick on Photos
  5. Now open Photos from Mac Launchpad.
  6. Click on Photos Preferences from the top menu bar.
    Preferences iCloud Photos
  7. Here right tick on iCloud Photos.
    iCloud Photos Enable
  8. Now all the Photos from your Mac will be uploaded to your iCloud Photos, and you can even access them on Mac Photos App.

For Apple Ecosystem, the Photos have to be backed up from Apple devices for you to access iCloud Photos. Now, all the iCloud Photos are accessible on the Mac Photos App.

You can select Download Originals to this Mac – This will download an original copy of the iCloud Photos on Mac PC. This Photos are in Full HD resolutions and are downloaded to your Mac PC that you can even access offline.

On the other hand, if you can select, Optimise Mac Storage – This will keep low-resolution photos on Mac, and HD images are still available on iCloud Photos.

Use iCloud Photos on the Web

As I said, if you enable iCloud photos, all the Mac photos will be uploaded to iCloud Photos. But if you do not wish to back up Macbook photos to iCloud but want to access iCloud photos on Mac, the best option is to open iCloud on the web. iCloud has a web version that allows you to access iCloud Drive, Photos, Mail, Notes, and other utility features using the website.

  • Open on Mac Browser.
  • Log in with your Apple ID and Password.
    Login with iCloud Apple ID
  • Now open Photos and access all iCloud on the web.
    Photos iCloud Drive

That’s it with this simple guide; you can enable and use iCloud Photos on your Macbook PC.

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