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How to Transfer Files and Folder from Google Drive to iCloud on iOS?

Looking to Transfer Files and Folder from Drive to iCloud on iOS and iPad. Here is the Guide to Move Files from Google Drive to iCloud Drive on iPhone.
How to Move Files from Google Drive to iCloud

Apple users prefer the iCloud drive to store important files, photos, and videos. iCloud Drive offers high encryption and trust from Apple Inc. Many users prefer Apple iCloud as their primary storage preference because of its robust security protocol. And if you have files inside your Google Drive storage and which to move them to iCloud drive you can.

One of the options is to download the files from Google Drive and then manually upload them to iCloud. this is time-consuming and also needs high data. Interestingly, we can simply connect Google drive to Files App and move the files from Drive to iCloud using the Files without for you to download the files and then manually uploading them. Below are two-part steps that you follow to Move Files from Google Drive to iCloud Drive.

How to Move Files from Google Drive to iCloud?

Here are the Simple Steps to Move Files from Google Drive to iCloud Drive Using Files App on iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Connect Google Drive to Files App

  1. Install the Google Drive app (if not installed) on the iPhone.
    Download Google Drive on iOS
  2.  Tap on Google Drive App and sign in using your credentials.
    Sign in to GDrive
  3. Open the FilesFiles App iOS app on the iPhone.
  4. Click on the Menu icon in the top right corner.Click-on-3-dots-menu-option to editClick-on-3-dots-menu-option to edit
  5. Click on the Edit option.
    Edit Files App
  6. Toggle ON the Google Drive on the screen and click Done.
    Enable Google Drive in File Manager
  7. The Google Drive folder option will appear in the Files App.
    Now goto Google Drive

Step 2. Copy and Paste the Files from Drive to iCloud

  1. Open Google Drive Folder.
    Google Drive Files App
  2. Look for the files that you want to move to iCloud Drive.
  3. Click on the menu option More Option iPhone from top.
  4. Click on Select to select files or folder.
  5. You can also select multiple files.
  6. Click on the menu option More Option iPhone at the bottom.
    Select the file to download to iPhone Storage
  7. Click Copy to copy files or folder.
    Copy the File from Google Drive
  8. Now go back to Files App main page.
  9. Open iCloud Drive.
  10. Select the location to paste the files.
  11. Long press on empty space and paste the copied files.
  12. The files and folder will be copied from Google Drive to iCloud Drive. The device needs to have an active internet connection to perform the action.
  13. Now once done, you can delete the files in Google Drive. The files will be available on iCloud and will be deleted from Drive.

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