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How to Password Encrypt iCloud Folder?

Looking to Encrypt iCloud Folder? Here are a couple of the Best Methods to Password Protect Folder in iCloud Drive to Lock the Files.
Password Protect iCloud Drive

iCloud is a popular cloud storage platform known for its security. iCloud is not a multi-user product and does not offer folder-level protection, and the assumption is all of iCloud is protected by your Apple ID and password. So, if you wish to encrypt the iCloud Drive Folder with a password lock then you can try a couple of methods to lock the folder or file.

iCloud is a cloud storage platform offered by Apple. The iCloud allows secure file storage for images, videos, docs files, contacts, keynotes, Mail, Calendar, notes, and more. Most of the iPhone and MacBook backups and uploads are accessible on

Password Protect Folder Before Uploading to iCloud

It is the best encryption method available. If you want to protect the folder content even if someone has access to the iCloud link. You can directly encrypt the folder and then upload it to iCloud Drive, and when someone downloads the folder or files, they need to enter the password to unlock the folder. The only catch here is the folder needs to be compressed into a zip file, and then you can encrypt the zip and upload the zip to iCloud. Here are the Simple Steps;

  • You can either Password Encrypt the Folder on Windows or Mac PC – Complete Detailed Guide
    If using Android, you can try apps like BI Archiver Zip to lock the Zip folder.
  • Upload the Encrypted Zip to iCloud Drive.
  • Now, if someone downloads the Zip, they need to enter the password you have set.
    Password Protect Zip File iCloud
  • Once the correct password is entered, the file is unzipped to access the folder content.

I tried all the 3rd party tools and tricks to check if there is any loophole, and I found none. This is the best encryption method to lock your folder or file in iCloud.

Password Protect Folder Using a 3rd Party Tool

You can use a free 3rd party tool named Link Lock by Jacob Strieb. The tool is free and ad-free, built for open source use. Link Lock uses AES in GCM mode to securely encrypt passwords and PBKDF2 and salted SHA-256 (100,000 iterations) for secure key derivation. Encryption, decryption, and key derivation are all performed by the SubtleCrypto API.

  • Visit Link Lock Site.
  • Enter the Drive Folder Sharing Link.
    Share iCloud Link
  • Create and Confirm Password. Click Encrypt.
  • Copy the Encrypted Link.
    Lock iCloud Drive Sharing Link
  • Now one needs to enter the password to unlock the Folder link.

2 thoughts on “How to Password Encrypt iCloud Folder?”

  1. Hello,

    I am looking for the best way to secure my
    1 gb folder on my iPhone 13, before I upload
    it to iCloud. My folder has many sub folders
    each of which contains many compressed

    I might have to break it all down and secure
    each compressed folder individually prior to
    uploading it to iCloud.

    I appreciate any advice you have on it.
    Thanks in advance,
    Karl B

    1. Hey Karl,

      You don’t need to lock each sub folder; this will be a lot of effort. Just Zip the main folder and password lock the Zip. Upload the Zip file to iCloud. The file is secured with a lock. If some subfolders are very important, then you can zip the subfolder, lock it, and move it inside the parent folder.

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