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How to Save Videos from Google Drive to iPhone Camera Roll?

Here is the Small Guide to Download Videos from Google Drive App on iPhone Mobile to your Camera Roll. Save Video directly on iOS Photos App.
Save Google Drive Video to Camera Roll

Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage platform available. Google Drive has native apps for Android and iOS devices. Unlike Android where you get the download button, iPhone mobiles do not have a direct download option rather you can save the video file to camera roll or files manager, or external player.

The Google Drive app gives you multiply download options. Today in this post we will look at how you can save the videos from your Google Drive app to camera roll on your iPhone mobile.

How to Save Google Drive Video to iOS Camera Roll?

Here are the Simple Steps to Download Videos from Google Drive App for your iPhone Mobile on your Camera Roll or Photos App

Step 1. Open Google Drive App on your iPhone.

Step 2. Search for the video you wish to download.

Step 3. Click on the 3 Dots Horizontal Menu icon 3 dots horizontal icon to open more options.

Click on 3 Dots Horizontal icon

Step 4. A menu option will open.

Step 5. Here click on Send a Copy icon Send a Copy option.

Send a Copy

Step 6. A new option will open, here click on Save Video. Save Video iPhone icon

Save Video

Step 7. The video file will be exported to the Camera Roll.

Preparing to Export

That’s it the video will be downloaded to Photos App and can also be viewed in Camera Roll.


I hope this small guide was helpful for you to save the videos from your Google Drive iPhone app to your iOS camera roll.

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