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How to Add Two Tables Side by Side in Google Docs?

Looking to Add Tables Side By Side in your Google Docs? Here is the Best Workaround Method to Insert Two Tables Side by Side in Google Document.
Add Two Tables Side By Side in Google Docs

Google Docs is a great productivity tool. Creating, editing, and sharing documents on Google Docs is extremely simple. This free tool is popular with users due to its straightforward interface and ease of access. It enables collaboration, and multiple users can share and edit documents quickly. Google Docs is a part of the Google Drive suite that collectively allows users to do almost everything. And third-party add – ons can be downloaded for completing different tasks.

But just like everything is else in this world, Google Docs isn’t perfect. For example, you cannot add two tables side by side in a Google Doc. While this may seem trivial, it really isn’t because tables are a powerful way to represent complicated data. But do not worry, we have found a clever trick that will allow you to put two tables side by side. Read on to find out this trick!

Steps to Insert Tables Side by Side in Google Doc

Step 1: Go to the Google Docs where you want to insert the table. Next, Click on ‘Insert’ and then click on ‘Table‘. Here insert a table with two columns and one row.

Insert tables

If you want more detailed info on tables like editing, then you can follow this guide;

How to Add and Edit Tables in Google Docs?

It will look like the table in the image below.

Insert Table with Two Columns and One Row

Step 2: Now, you have to insert a table in both the columns of the original table. Follow the above steps and insert the tables in the original table. The table can be of any size. Make sure that the cursor is in the column you want to insert the table in. Both the tables will be inside the original one, as shown in the image below.

insert a table in both the columns of the original table

Step 3: After following the above steps, hit the Enter key to add space below both the tables.

insert a table in both the columns of the original table

Step 4: Now that you’ve done that, we’ll be getting rid of the borderlines around our new tables. Click on ‘Format,’ select ‘Table‘, and then go to ‘Table Properties‘.

Click on 'Format', select 'Table', and then go to 'Table Properties'

Step 5: Once you select ‘Table Properties,’ a table properties menu will be displayed on the screen. You will find ‘Table Border.’ Choose zero from all the given values and click on ‘OK.’

Table Properties

That’s it! The original table will disappear, leaving behind the two tables side-by-side.

How to add tables side by side in Google Docs


After inserting the original table and the other two tables, go to ‘Table Properties.’ Here, instead of changing the value of the table border, change the color of the table border from black to white. This will simply hide the original table!


We hope that this guide was helpful. With this little loophole, you can put tables side by side in Google Docs. Do try it and let us know if you were able to do it.

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