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How to Download a File from on PC?

Looking to Download Files from iCloud Drive on Desktop PC for Windows and Mac? Here is the Simple Guide to Download File from iCloud on PC.
How to Download a File from iCloud on PC

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage platform, where you can store your important files, PDFs, photos, and save contacts, etc. Well, to start with, for any storage platform, the uploading and downloading of files are the two most common operations performed regularly.

If you are completely new to iCloud, consider uploading the file on the storage platform and try to download it. If you want to know how you can upload the file on iCloud, consider visiting here.

Once you get the hang of the upload operation, you can start with the download operation. But if you know it already, you can directly start from here.

How to Upload File to from PC?

Steps to Download Files from iCloud Drive

  1. Sign into using your credentials.
    Login with iCloud Apple ID
  2.  Next, you must enter the verification code sent on the iPhone/Mac or devices (SMS) linked to your iCloud account.
    Apple ID Verification Code
  3. After logging in, you will be able to view this screen shown below.
    iCloud Homepage
  4. Click on the iCloud Drive icon.
    Click on iCloud Drive
  5. Once you are inside iCloud Drive, select the file(s) you wish to download. The download icon on the top bar will initially be disabled and look like this Download icon iCloud 1; once you select the file(s), it would turn Download icon iCloud 2 .
  6. To select one file, just single-click on the file.
  7. To select multiple files, click on one file; after that, press the Shift key and click on the other files that you want to select. Once you are done selecting the files, click on Download icon iCloud 2
  8. The files will be saved in the Downloads folder by default. You can specify any other folder where you want your file(s) to be downloaded using your Browser settings.

The iCloud comes with a 5GB space where you can store your data. However, if you don’t have enough free storage available (a message will be displayed in this case) option will be disabled, and you won’t be able to download any file.

In such a scenario, you can upgrade your iCloud storage, the plan starts from 50GB, and you can buy up to 2TB. In case you are interested to know more about it, visit the link.

This was a brief article to guide you through the iCloud download process. Do let us know your comment/thoughts on this post in the comment section.

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