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How to Upload Files on Github for Hosting?

Looking to Use GitHub to Host your Files. Here is the Simple Guide to Upload and Host Files on GitHub and Create Direct Download Link.
How to Use Github for Hosting Files

GitHub is an internet hosting and development platform that allows developers to work together on a project. You can use Github to host your files and provide direct download links. The only catch here is that GitHub only allows uploading files up to 25MB.

The cost of hosting files is high and also there are bandwidth limitations. Everyone cannot afford such a high cost of file storage and download, but GitHub can rescue you from paying by offering a free direct download hotlink. I have used GitHub for so many years found it to be easy, super-fast, and secure with good download speed.

If you wish to host your files without any bandwidth charges and direct download link, then GitHub is the best choice. Github supports all file types from images, PDF, videos, applications, docs, and more. It also provides a preview for PDF, text, and image files, including animated GIFs.

Steps to Upload Files on GitHub

  1. Create a GitHub account. It is super easy, go to, click the Sign-up button, enter the email, password, and username. Confirm the account with a link or code sent to your email address.
    Create a Github Account
  2. Now login to GitHub with the email/username and password you just created.
    Enter email and password
  3. Once successfully logged in, click on Create repository.
    Create repository
  4. Give your repo a name. You can either choose your repository as Public or Private and then hit Create repository.

    If you set the repo as private, then only can access the file.
    If you have set the repo as public, you can share the download link, and your profile is open.

    choose your repository as private or public

  5. Under the Code section, click on Uploading an existing file option.
    upload the file Github
  6. Drag the file or upload it to the repo.
    Drag the file or upload it to the repo
  7. Select the file to upload and click Open.
    Select the file to Upload
  8. Once the file is uploaded, click on Commit Changes.
    Commit Changes
  9. The file is uploaded to your repo.
    FIle Uploaded to Repo
  10. Open the file, and you will get the Download option.
    You can download the file
  11. Right-click on the button to copy the download link.
    Copy the link address
  12. You can share the non-expiring direct download link for the file on your site or other media.
  13. You can create a number of repositories and upload as many files as possible with the only condition that the file is 25MB or lower.
    upload as many files as possible

That’s it with this simple guide you can upload files on GitHub and host them to create direct download link.

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