How to Download iCloud App on Android?

Download the iCloud App for Android with the PWA APK File and Access the iCloud Drive to Store Files, Photos, and Docs for Free.
iCloud APK Download Android

iCloud is a cloud storage service offered by Apple. It offers a secure file storage option for storing files, images, videos, docs, and more. iCloud do not have a standalone app for Android. But you can get the iCloud on your Android using Progressive Web App (PWA).

A (PWA) web App is a form of a web application that can convert the Web page into a small APK file that you can access easily. PWA apps are small mostly in size (KBs), consume less data, do not collect any data, and function similar to an App.

You can convert into a web app using a feature offered by Chrome for Android. Let us see the steps in detail;

How to Get the iCloud Drive App for Android?

Step 1. Open on your Chrome Browser.

Step 2. Now click on the 3 Vertical Dot Menu option on the right top.


Step 3. Here click on Add to Homescreen option.


Step 4. A box will appear click on Add Option.


Step 5. Now click on Add Automatically


Step 6. The iCloud Web App will be added to the home screen and app drawer as well.


Step 7. You can directly access the web app without any URL bar and it looks like iCloud App


You can create an Apple iCloud Account on your Android Mobile as well and access iCloud Drive on your mobile for free.

How to Create an iCloud Account on Android

The above method will let you install an iCloud Web App. Apple does not have a native iCloud App for Android. The web app can perform all the options that you wish from a website.

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