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How to Get OneDrive Direct Download Link?

Create Direct Download Link for OneDrive Files and Save the File with a One-Click download URL using this Simple Trick.
OneDrive Direct Download Link

OneDrive is the cloud storage and backup service offered by Microsoft. It provides file hosting services and synchronization services, manages the data of its customer, and makes it available whenever required.

Microsoft OneDrive offers you 5 GB of storage space free of cost, along with 100GB, 1TB, and 6TB storage space options available either separately or with an Office 365 subscription. Downloads are subject to the following limits: 250GB file size limit; the total number of files limit: 10,000; folder size limit: 200 files.

OneDrive does not offer the option for a direct link or native link for a one-click download, but you can use a simple tweak to get a direct download link for OneDrive File.

Create a OneDrive Sharing Link

These steps will make sure that the file is public sharing, else if it is restricted then the user may not able to download the file and an error will show up.

  1. Open OneDrive and log in with your account credentials.
  2. Look for the file for which you want to create a direct download link.
  3. Select the file and click on the Share button.
    Select the file and click on the Share button
  4. Make sure the permission is set to Anyone with the link. Done!
    Anyone with the link

Create OneDrive Direct Download Link

Click on the Embed button for the selected file.

Click on the Embed button for the selected file

A new window will open on the right side, if asked, then click on Generate HTML embed code.

generate embed code.

An iframe HTML code will show up. Copy the code.

Copy the code


iframe src="" width="476" height="288" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">iframe

Here only copy the URL from the embed code;

In the URL, change the embed to download, paste the modified URL in the browser, and hit enter. The file will be directly downloaded.

Use MatixCDN to Get OneDrive Direct Download Link

Matrix CDN is a cloud-based service that offers users to create a direct download link. All you need to do is to paste the Sharing URL in Matix, and a one-click direct download link is generated.

  • Go to the MatixCDN OneDrive link generator page.
  • Copy the OneDrive File Sharing URL. Make sure the Link is public.
    Copy Link OneDrive
  • Paste the URL in the Matix URL box.
    OneDrive Enter Sharing URL in Box Provided
  • That’s it, a direct download link will be generated. Copy the link and use as you wish.
    Direct Download Link Generated

That’s it; you can download the OneDrive files directly with a single click using this native download link using this methods listed above.

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