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Stream Google Drive Videos in MX Player without Downloading

With this Simple Technical Guide, you can Stream to Play Google Drive Videos on MX Player for your Android and iOS Mobile.
Play Google Drive Videos on MX

MX Player is the most popular video player app available for Android. MX Players offers some cool gesture controls, subtitle support, codec support, and more, making it the best video player app in the market. MX Player offers Network Stream; just like VLC player, MX Player can stream the media online if provided with the right streaming URL.

We can use the network stream feature of MX Player to play videos stored in Google Drive on MX Video Player. The process is a little technical, but it works like a charm.

Steps to Play Google Drive Video in MX Player

Here are the Major Steps to Stream GDrive Videos on MX Player for Android and iOS Mobile without Downloading

Step 1. Create Google Drive API

You need to create Google Drive API Key to stream the videos in MX Player. You need the API key to create a GoogleAPI URL link to play videos on MX Player without downloading. You can follow this Guide to Create Google Drive API Key.

Step 2. Create Sharable Link

  • Now look for the Google Drive file that you wish to stream on MX Player.
  • Click on 3 dots menu option
  • Here click on the Manage Peoples and link.
    Manage People and Links
  • Change the file to Anyone with the link.
  • Copy the Sharing URL
    Copy the URL Link
  • Paste the Sharing URL and copy the File ID and save it somewhere safe.<file-id>/view?=sharing


Step 3. Create the Google API URL

  • Open a note and enter the following Google APIs URL.<file-ID>?alt=media&key=<API Key>
  • Paste the file id copied in the <file id> section and API key in the <API Key> section (without any <> symbol).
  • Copy the URL created.

Step 4. Stream Video in MX Player

  • Open MX Player
  • Click on the Menu option and open Network Stream
  • Paste the URL Created in Step 3 and hit OK.
  • The video will start playing.

Video Tutorial Guide

If you wish, you can watch the video below for a detailed guide showing API Key creation and URL tweaking to play GDrive videos on MX Player.


With the simple Guide above, you can create a playable Google Drive link and stream the Google Drive video on MX Player on your Mobile without any issues.

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