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[Box Drive] Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Looking to Restore Files Deleted from Box Drive Trash? Here is a Simple Guide to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Box
Restore Files Deleted from Box Drive Trash

The Box is a well-known cloud-based file storage and sharing solution with a focus on cloud content management. Since the initial launch of Box drive, it has managed to build a community of over 140+ million users, and the numbers are increasing day by day. Box offers plenty of products to serve both individuals and businesses. But mostly, the service is used for business professionals.

Box drive is accessible by the web, mobile application, or desktop application. It enables the users to access the data from any device, regardless of where they are located. If you have deleted files or folders from Box Trash, then the files are permanently deleted. But there is a way you can get back permanently deleted files in Box.

When you purge Box drives trashed content, there is still a 14-day grace period during which Product Support can recover your content. Beyond this 14-day grace period, however, files or folders purged from your Box trash may not be recoverable and may be lost forever.

How to Restore Permanently Deleted Files in Box?

Here is a Simple Guide to Recover Files or Folders Deleted from your Trash Bin 

  1. Go to Box Support Page.
  2. Make sure you log in with the Box account for which you wish to recover the files.
  3. Here you can either chat with the support agent and get back all the deleted files.
  4. But if the chat is offline, you can Submit a Case and contact the support team.
    Submit a Case or Chat with Support Agent
  5. To contact support, click on Submit a Case.
  6. Now click on the dropdown menu and scroll down to select Admisntrative Request.
    Select Administrative Request in the Box Support
  7. Now fill in details; Select a Type of Administrative Request as Other.
  8. Briefly summarize your issue/question, provide more details, and click Submit.
    It is better to provide detailed information on the types of files deleted and approximately how much time ago and other info you wish to share.
    Briefly summarize your issue/question
  9. Once done, a support ticket conversation box will open.
    Wait for the reply from Box Support
  10. A Box Support Specialist will join the conversation and add a reply. You can discuss your concern with the support and request for file restoration.
  11. You will also receive mail from Box Support asking for further details, reply to them with all details and the file will be back into Box Drive.

    → The name(s) of the missing content.

    → Who owns the folder in question where the content was located? Please provide the email address of this user as well as the complete folder path

    → When was the content deleted or when did you notice it went missing? Please provide us with a time frame.



With the simple guide above, you can contact the Box support team and get back your deleted files purged in the trash. Though it is competent to know that deleted files can only be restored for a period of 14 days from the day of deletion from the Box Trash Bin

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