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COD Mobile GFX Tool APK Download [No Ban]

Download GFX Tool for COD Mobile and enjoy the game clutter-free with best optimum settings for smooth gameplay without any lag and FPS Drop.

COD Mobile is the new entrant in the popular category of MOBA Game. The game is developed by Tencent who are also the developers of popular BR game PUBG Mobile. The game is simple to play battle royale game where a number of players need to land on a specified location/map. Collect weapons & supporting auxiliary equipment and kill the opponents. The last man standing is the winner.

The CODM needs a good device with fast processing, powerful GPU AND comparable RAM to run the device smoothly without any clutter. A good mid-range device may be a good option to start with but many times you may encounter issues with the gameplay due to processing issues, like lagging, FPS drop, freeze graphics and more.

In case if your device is not able to perform well than you can try COD Mobile GFX+ Plus which comes with forced rendering allowing the gamers to set the parameters of the game display which suites for smooth gameplay. You can set resolution, FPS, Graphics parameters, anti-aliasing and optimisation to make the CODM perform up to the mark.

Features of COD Mobile GFX Tool

  • Set Resolution
  • Manage graphics
  • Improve Shadow and Contrast
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Set FPS parameters
  • Smooth texture settings

    COD Mobile GFX

    COD Mobile GFX

How to Download GFX Tool with COD Mobile?

  • Download and install GFX Tool
  • Close COD Mobile if running before starting GFX Tool
    1. Version: Select the latest version there is of PUBG Mobile on Google Play.
    2. Graphics: Select resolution and graphics quality that matches your device’s capability.
    3. FPS: Frame per second, ideally set it to 60 FPS.
  • Once everything is set, click on Accept. And launch the CODM game.

The App is Developed by community developers who reliable developers. I have tested the app for any malware, spyware, vulnerability and adware using different Anti-virus and Ad-detector applications. I have also tested the app for stability and found it to be stable on all Android versions.

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Note: Please Contact Us if the link is dead.

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