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How to Create Access Token of your Dropbox?

Do you want to Generate Dropbox Access Token. Here is the Simple Guide Showing How to Create Access Token on Dropbox Account.
How to Create Access Token in Dropbox

DropBox lets you upload and share files in the cloud. Your documents, photos, videos, and other files will be backed up and synchronized to cloud storage, where you can access them anywhere. They recently added Dropbox apps to our client’s workflow. The Dropbox API access token can be generated if you ever wish to do something similar. So, if you want to access tokens in Dropbox for your website, make sure to read this guide.

Steps to Generate Access Token in Dropbox

  • Visit Dropbox App and log in with your account.
  • The first step is to choose Dropbox API.
  • In the next step, you can select Full Dropbox access or Access to Selected folder.
  • Enter a name for the app. Your Dropbox account will create a folder with that name.
  • Press the ‘Create app‘ button.

Create App Dropbox

  • On the next page, continue scrolling down until you reach OAuth 2 and click on the Generate located near the Generated Access Token text.
  • Now, the token gets generated, and you will see a long string.

Generate access token

This is your Dropbox API not; you can use it on your app to link both.

So, that’s how you can access token in Dropbox. We hope that you have learned something new from this guide. Meanwhile, in case you have any doubts or suggestions for us, comment below and let us know.

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