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How to Use Dark Theme on Google Drive for Web?

Looking to Use Dark Theme for Google Drive Site on Chrome Browser for PC? Here are a Couple of Methods to Enable Dark Mode on the GDrive desktop.
Use Dark Mode Google Drive Site Desktop PC

Google Drive is the most feature-rich cloud storage drive available. Recently dark mode theme has become a new normal and almost all mobile apps have given a choice to use the dark theme on their application. Following suit, websites have also started using dark mode themes though they are not much popular.

Google Drive has a Dark Mode option for Android Mobile App. But if wish to use dark mode on Google Drive for Web, then there is no option provided by Google. But if you are using Chrome Browser, you can turn Google Drive into Night Mode with a couple of simple techniques. So, let us see the available methods to use Drak Mode in Google Drive on Chrome Browser.

How to Turn ON Google Drive Dark Mode for Chrome Browser?

Here are the Best Methods to Enable Night Mode Theme for Google Drive Desktop on Chrome Browser for PC

Using Chrome Flags

Chrome Flags are experimental settings offered by Chromium Project. They are features that may take a permanent place in Stable Chrome Browser in future updates. Though they are experimental features, Chrome flags can come in very handy as there are few flags that can enhance your browsing experience on Chrome Browser.

The flags can make your job easy and help you turn Google Drive into Dark Theme. The popular flag we are talking about is Force Dark Mode for Web Contents. The flag will Automatically render all web contents using the black color theme.

Note: The flag action will be implement on all the web pages you load on Chrome

Here are the Steps to Turn your GDrive Site into Dark Theme on Chrome Browser;

  1. Open the Chrome Browser, type the following command in Omnibox/URL Bar, and hit enter.


  2. An Experimental Chrome Flag page will open
  3. Here search for Force Dark Mode for Web Contents and hit enter.
  4. By default, the option is set to Default.
  5. Here change the option to Enable.
    Enable Dark Mode for Web Contents
  6. Now click on the Relaunch button at the bottom for the flag to take effect.
    Relaunch the Chrome Browser
  7. Now open Google Drive on the Chrome Browser and you will notice the GDrive has turned into Dark Theme.

Using Chrome Extension

Chrome Extensions are something that makes Google Chrome Browser the people’s favorite, the feature-rich chrome extension has all the addons you want from grammar checker to Adblocker. You can use this Chrome Store to add the Dark Mode extension to your Chrome browser.

There are a number of Black theme Chrome extensions you can try, I will show you a demo using a popular Addon.

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store Page.
  2. Here search for Dark Mode
  3. You can download any popular extension from the results
    I recommend downloading Night Shift Redux I found it to give a very pleasant color inversion for web pages.
  4. Click on the Extension.
  5. Here click on Add to Chrome.
  6. A pop-up box will appear to confirm the Addition. Tap it
  7. The extension will be added to Chrome Browser.
  8. Now go to the Google Drive site and click on the Extension icon. (Here if you wish you can disable night mode as it is enabled by default)
  9. Now click on the button next to the Dark Mode option to turn GDrive into Night Theme.
  10. Done! you can now simply switch between dark mode and light mode using this simple add-on toggle.


I hope the post was helpful for you to know how you can use Dark Theme for your Google Drive Site on your Chrome Browser for Windows and Mac PC.

5 thoughts on “How to Use Dark Theme on Google Drive for Web?”

  1. On my version of Chome, I had to search for “Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents”. The rest of the instructions were right. However, it appears to change ALL websites universally (undesirable if you are a webdesigner). Are there settings to control which domains to ignore Auto Dard Mode on? Please and thank you.

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