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How to Turn ON Dark Mode Theme on iCloud on Web Browser?

Looking for Dark Mode Theme on iCloud Website? Here are a couple of Best Methods to Enable Dark Mode on iCloud Web for Desktop Browser.
iCloud Web Dark Mode

iCloud is one of the great services of Apple, which enables you to backup and synchronize photos, email, calendar, contacts, and many more. The service mainly works with Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. But you can access iCloud via its website to download or upload the file directly to the Apple Cloud.

The iCloud Web offers a simple interface with options to use iCloud Drive, iCloud Mail, Photos, Calendar, Notes, Pages, Keynotes, Contacts, Reminders, and more. The service can be used to perform all the operations you wish to on the website itself. The iCloud Web does not offer a dark mode feature but if you wish to you can switch to dark mode on Website using Chrome Flags and Chrome Store Extension.

How to Use iCloud Web with Dark Mode on Desktop?

Here are the Best Methods to Use Night Mode Theme on iCloud Website on your Chrome Browser for PC

Using Chrome Flags

Chrome Flags are experimental settings offered by Chromium Project. They are features that may take a permanent place in Stable Chrome Browser in future updates. Though they are experimental features, Chrome flags can come in very handy as there are a few flags that can enhance your browsing experience on Chrome Browser with a visible effect.

One such popular Chrome Flag can help you turn into Dark Theme. The popular flag we are talking about is Auto Dark Mode for Web ContentsThe flag will Automatically render all web contents using the black color theme.

Note: The flag action will be implement on all the web pages you load on Chrome

Here are the Steps to Turn your Site into Dark Theme on Chrome Browser;

  1. Open the Chrome Browser, type the following command in Omnibox/URL Bar, and hit enter.


  2. An Experimental Chrome Flag page will open
  3. Here search for Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents or Dark Modeand hit enter.
  4. By default, the option is set to Default.
  5. Here change the option to Enable.
    Enable Dark Mode for Web Contents
  6. Now click on the Relaunch button at the bottom for the flag to take effect.
    Relaunch the Chrome Browser
  7. Now open iCloud on the Chrome Browser and you will notice the Apple Cloud Webiste has turned into Dark Theme.
    Dark Mode iCLoud Chrome Flags

Using Chrome Extension

Chrome Extensions are something that makes Google Chrome Browser the people’s favorite, the feature-rich chrome extension has all the addons you want from grammar checker to Adblocker. You can use this Chrome Store to add the Dark Mode extension to your Chrome browser.

There are a number of Black theme Chrome extensions you can try, I will show you a demo using a popular Addon.

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store Page.
  2. Here search for Dark Mode
  3. You can download any popular extension from the results. I recommend downloading Night Shift Redux, I found it to give a very pleasant color inversion for web pages.
  4. Click on the Extension.
  5. Here click on Add to Chrome.
  6. A pop-up box will appear to confirm the Addition. Tap it
  7. The extension will be added to Chrome Browser.
  8. Now go to the iCloud site and click on the Extension icon. (Here if you wish you can disable night mode as it is enabled by default)
    Disable Night Shift
  9. Now click on the button next to the Dark Mode option to turn iCloud into Night Mode and reload the page. Done!
    Enable Dark Mode iCloud Web
  10. You can simply toggle the button to Turn ON and OFF the Dark Mode on Website on the Desktop PC.


With this simple Guide above, you can use Night Mode Theme on iCloud Website on Desktop PC for Chrome Browser on Windows and Mac PC using Chrome Extension and Chrome Flags.

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