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Google Drive Sorry, This File is Infected with a Virus

Here is the Detailed Guide on what to do if See Virus Infected Google Drive File. Learn how to Download and Scan the File to Keep your System Safe.
This File is Infected with Virus Google Drive

Google Drive comes with a built-in virus scanner that can scan files up to 100MB for any malware or malicious viral code. If the Google server detects any viral load in the file, then it will block the download for any 3rd party user. Also, the owner cannot share the file, and only they can download the infected file.

If you see a virus-infected file warning for Google Drive, then in this post, we will look in detail at what the message signifies and how we can protect our system from virus or malicious code.

If the infected file is uploaded to Drive, then here are the warning messages or issues that users face;

Unable to Share: If the file is infected with a virus or if you are sharing any illegal, harmful, or pirated file, then Drive will block the sharing option citing violation of the Terms of Service. If you feel the block is false, you can ask for a review.

Unable to Share File Google Drive

File is Infected with Virus: If you are the owner, then you can download the file without any issues, but remember, ‘This file might harm your computer, so only download this file if you understand the risks’.

This file might harm your computer, so only download this file if you understand the risks.

Sorry, This File is Infected with a Virus: If you have sharing URL of the viral file, then the download will be blocked, and only the owner is allowed to download infected files. However, you can preview the file inside Google Drive if the format is supported, but the download is restricted.

only the owner is allowed to download infected files

Use Google Virus Scanner Tool

The best tool for scanning a file online is using Google’s VirusTotal. VirusTotal is a website created by the Spanish security company Hispasec Sistemas and is now owned by Google Chronicle, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. The tool will check the files and their content over a large number of anti-virus engines to see if any of the engine vendors detect any vulnerability.

If you have downloaded the file and wish to check the file for viruses, it is best to use VirusTotal. It has a limit of 650 MB file size for scanning.

  • Just visit the VirusTotal site
  • Upload the downloaded file to the VirusTotal site.
    Choose File VirusTotal
  • The site will take a minute to scan the uploaded file and its readable content for viruses and show you the result.

How to Download Infected File?

If you are the owner of the file, then you can download your file directly without any issues.

Download Infected File

But if the file is shared with you then the download option is not available. You can try a simple trick to download the infected file. Here are Simple Steps;

  1. Open the URL of the Google Drive that you wish to download on your Browser.
  2. Now when you click on the download button it will show the error message “Sorry, This File is Infected with a Virus“.
  3. Replace the download page URL; “uc?id” parameter with “open?id”.
    Replace UC with Open
  4. Now, once you have changed the “open?id” in the URL, refresh the page to open preview.
  5. Here click on Add shortcut to Drive button. (Make sure you have signed in to your GDrive account)
    Google drive Shortcut button
  6. Here select the location where you wish to save the shortcut.
    Select Location and Click Add Shortcut
  7. Open Google Drive with your account and navigate to the file that you have just added. Click on this file and hit the Make a copy option.
    Make a Copy of Shortcut
  8. Once the Copy is created you can download the copied file without any issues.Download Copied File
  9. That’s it!😃

Conclusion: If you think you have downloaded a file that is loaded with a virus then it is better to check the file before executing it on your computer. A file stating in the PC does not do any harm unless it is executed.

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