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How to Fix Google Drive File Stuck on Uploading on Android?

Is your Google Drive File Stuck on Upload on Android Mobile. Here are the Best Methods to Fix Google Drive Stuck Uploading Files on Android.
Google Drive File Stuck on Uploading Android

Uploaded a file to Google Drive, but the file is taking infinity to upload. The reasons may be many from network complications, app issues, or file issues. If the file is too large, then Google Drive will take some time to prepare to upload the file, but if it is taking way too long, it is better to look for some fixes to solve the problem.

1. Force Stop and Reupload file

The first thing you need to do is to stop the uploading file that is stuck. And then fresh upload the file to see, if this fixes the backup problem on your Google Drive app for Android.

  • Go to Android Settings
  • Here look for option Apps and Notification (All Apps/Apps Manager for some devices)All_Apps_in_Android_Setting
  • Look for Google Drive or directly search for the app.Drive_in_Apps_and_Notification_of_Android_Settings
  • Open the app and click on Force Stop and confirm it.
    Force Stop Google Drive
  • Open Google Drive, and try uploading the file again.

2. Drive and Network Constrictions

Though your internet may be working well, but the Google Drive app is not able to communicate with the data packets. Thus, the app continuously tries to connect with the servers to upload the file to Google storage but fails to create a communication. This is a pretty common issue and can occur with anyone. Below are simple fixes a user can try;

  • Turn ON and OFF flight mode with a gap of 10 secs.
  • Restart the phone.
  • Switch to a different network.
  • Turn OFF any proxy or VPN.

3. Manually Upload the File

If you are trying to directly upload the file from any other app like WhatsApp using the share feature, then Google drive may not be able to back up the file and may just show the uploading bar till infinity. Don’t exactly know the reason, but there may be some connectivity issues, or the drive may not be able to connect with the file for uploading.

Whatever the reason is, rather than uploading files from any other app using the sharing feature, download the file and manually upload it from the Google Drive app, this will solve the issue for sure. Just open Google Drive, click on the + icon, click on upload, locate the file, and done.

4. Update Google Drive App

Updating apps can solve most of the issues with the app as the app will come with some improvements and bug fixes, thus giving the app a fresh reboot removing any errors or glitches that you may be facing. Look for the update in Play Store, and if there is any update to the app and try uploading the file, this should fix the issue.

5. Clear Data and Cache of Google Drive

Android collects the app cache to store small pieces of temporary information and load the app faster the next time you use it. If you use the G-Drive app very frequently or if the app works in the background, then it may collect a good amount of Cache and app data.

If you trying to upload the file but the status bar shows the file is stuck on loading, then clearing the cache of the Google Drive app will help you solve the issue.

Clear the Google Drive Doc Cache

  • Open Google Drive App
  • Here click on the 3 horizontal line hamburger icon
  • Now click on Settings
  • Here look for Clear Cache under the Document Cache option.Clear_Document_Cache_on_Google_Drive_Android
  • Confirm the Deletion and Cache will be cleared.

Clear the Google Drive App Data

No Google Drive files will be lost if you clear the data, only the Google Drive app settings, if you have set any, will restore to deafult.

  • Go to Android Settings
  • Here look for option Apps and Notification (All Apps for some devices)
  • Here Scroll down and look for Google Drive or directly search for the app.
  • Open the app and click on Storage and Cache option
  • Here click on Clear Storage and Clear Cache


  • Restart the phone if you wish to, and Done!


These are the best ways to fix if your file is stuck on uploading on the Google Drive app android. Any of the above workarounds can help you fix the issue so, try each one to check which does the job for you.

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