How to Backup iPhone and iPad to Google Drive?

Is iCloud Storage not enough to Store your iPhone or iPad Data? Here is the Simple Guide to Back Up iOS to Google Drive Cloud Storage
Backup iPhone to Google Drive

Google Drive is a one-stop destination for many users who need to save files and documents on cloud storage. With up to 15GB of free cloud storage and additional services such as Gmail, contacts, and video streaming services, Google Drive is famous among iPhone users too. iCloud storage gives you only 5GB of bandwidth, which is not enough for most users. An iPhone’s average backup size is around 7GB in size, which forces users to opt for paid plans by Apple iCloud services.

But if you want to backup your iPhone to Google Drive, then the whole process is free, and you can backup up to 15GB which is three times that of the iCloud storage limit. I being an iPhone user for the past 3-4 years, can confirm, backing up your data is important and crucial. One more benefit with Google Drive backup is that you can access your data from PC and other Android devices as well. To help you further, here is a complete guide to backup your iPhone to Google Drive.

How to Backup iOS Mobile Data to Google Drive?

When it comes to backup of your data, it usually means your photos, contacts, calendar data, WhatsApp data, etc. For other services such as message backup, call recording backup, you have to use the traditional iCloud method.

Precautions and Pre-requirements;

  • Charge your iPhone to at least 80% for a smooth backup process.
  • Make sure to connect with high-speed Wifi as backup files are usually 5-7GB in size.
  • Your iPhone photos categorized in albums will be combined into one folder before backup.
  • Contacts and calendars from apps and services such as Facebook etc., will not backup.
  • Misc data such as Call records, Text messages, etc., will not backup to Google Drive.
  • Your data will be copied to Google Drive, and it will NOT be deleted from your iPhone.

Backup iPhone Media to Google Drive

Google Drive offers three options, i.e., contacts, calendar, and photos, when it comes to backup services. All your photos, including downloads, camera roll, and videos, will back up to Google Drive when it comes to photos. After a successful backup, you can restore it on cross-platform devices, including Android and iOS, along with PC as well. Contacts and calendar data can be restored after syncing your Gmail account with the new device.

Steps to backup iPhone and iPad photos, contacts & calendar data to Google Drive:

  1. Download and install Google Drive on your iPhone.
  2. Log in with your Gmail account.
  3. Go to the hamburger icon at the top of the screen.
    Open Hamburger Icon in Google Drive iPhone
  4. Here click on Settings.
    Click on Storage
  5. Now click on the Backup option.
    Open Backup
  6. Here you will see three options to back up; Contacts, Calender events, Photos & Videos.
    Backup Contacts, Events and Photos
  7. To back up iOS contacts to Google Drive click on the Contacts option. Now turn ON the toggle.
  8. You may be asked to grant Contact permissions to GDrive App. To do so, open Settings.
  9. Turn ON the Contacts Toggle in Settings and go to Google Drive Backup setting to Enable Contacts back up.
  10. Similarly, you can backup Calender Event to Google Calender.
  11. Grant Calenders Access to Drive and then Enable the Toggle in Google Drive Backup Setting.
  12. You can backup Photos and Videos to Google Photos using Google Drive.
  13. You can choose the original option to retain the best quality of your photos or High-Quality to save the media in good quality.
  14. Once done! Click on the Start Backup button to begin the data upload to Google Drive,
    Strat BAckup
  15. That’s you; all these three important iOS data onto your Google Drive account will begin the backup. 😀

Freqently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Can I Back Up iPhone to Google Drive?

Yes! You can backup your iOS data to Google Drive, you can backup Contacts, Calendar data, Photos, and video.

Can I Back Up iPhone Videos to Google Drive?

You can backup iPhone videos and photos to Google Photos using Google Drive app.

How to Backup Select Photos to Google Drive?

Google Drive offers the option to backup selected photos and videos to Google Photos.

How to Transfer iCloud Data to Google Drive?

You can transfer iCloud data to Google Drive using Files App on iPhone or MacBook Desktop Client.


As you see, the process to back up your iPhone to Google Drive is easy and much more feasible than the traditional iCloud alternatives. I do agree that few things just work better with iCloud, such as app settings backup, messages backup, etc. But when you backup your device on Google Drive, you can easily restore it either on an iPhone or any Android device as well. In case you feel any difficulty in following any portion of the guide above, make sure to comment down below, and I will be there to help you out.

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