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How to Auto Backup MacBook to Dropbox?

Looking to Automatically Upload Mac PC Files or Folders to Dropbox. Here are the Best Methods to Backup MacBook to Dropbox Using Desktop Client or Browser Site
How to Auto Backup MacBook to Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage options present in the market. Although its free plan that just offers 2 GB of free storage, but there are several referral tasks that you can complete to take the number to 18 GB.

The best part about using Dropbox is that it doesn’t matter whether your friend has a Dropbox account or not; you will be able to share files with him easily. The services of Dropbox are easily accessible via Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Fire, or even on your desktop computer.

You can backup your MacBook files and folders to Dropbox using the Dropbox desktop client. The backup process is pretty simple, and state forward, all you need is to set the folders for upload, and the Dropbox desktop client will do the job for you.

Steps to Automatically Backup MacBook to Dropbox

  1. Download Dropbox App on Macbook.
  2. Install the Dropbox app and open it, log in using available options.
    Login with Dropbox
  3. Dropbox will be added to your Mac’s top menu bar.
  4. Click on the Dropbox icon from the menu bar.
  5. Now click on the profile icon.
    Click on Profile icon
  6. Here open Preferences.
  7. In a new window, click on Backup.
  8. Now click on Set up.
  9. Select the MacBook folder/s to backup and click Setup.
    Select MacBook Folder to Upload to Dropbox
  10. If you have a free plan, click on continue with basic or select a paid plan.
    select plan
  11. Grant Dropbox Mac PC storage access.
    Dropbox Access Folders
  12. The folder and its files will start uploading to Dropbox.
  13. You will notice a small sync icon on the Dropbox icon, indicating the folder/s are being uploaded to Dropbox.

Manually Backup MacBook Files to Dropbox

  1. Open
  2. Log in with your Login Credentials.
  3. Select Upload files or Upload folder.
    Select Upload files or Upload folder
  4. Select files or folders and click Open, and the content will be uploaded to Dropbox.
    Select Files and Click Open
  5. Now select the Dropbox folder location to Upload the content.
    Select Dropbox Folder to Upload
  6. The files/folder will be added to Dropbox based on your network speed and space available.

That’s it with this Simple Guide, you can backup your Mac PC to Dropbox Automatically using the Desktop client or either Manually using

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