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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Google Drive Videos in 3 Minutes?

Accidently Purged Google Drive Trash Bin? Here are a Couple of Best Methods to Recover Permanently Deleted Videos from Google Drive.
Recover [Permanently] Deleted Videos from Drive

Google Drive has become the go-to option for cloud storage for everyone around the globe. Particularly because it’s pre-installed on all Android devices. Most people fail to look for other options other than the default option provided to them. It is estimated to be used by almost 70% of users worldwide. Google Drive lets you collaborate easily and swiftly without any hassles. But there are certain times when you delete a video accidentally on your Drive recycle trash bin but you may be in dire need of it later. What should be done then? Read on to find out.

Google Drive gives you the option to edit, delete, and sync files effortlessly between your signed devices with one tap. It also keeps you free storage of 15GB when you sign up. But the deletion of videos can be bit of a problem if you need it later. Let’s see how that can be solved.

2 Ways to Recover GDrive Videos Deleted Permanently

Here are a couple of the Best Methods to Restore Deleted Videos Permanently from Google Drive Trash Bin. Though the methods cannot guarantee a 100% recovery, but if you have recently purged your trash bin then there is a good probability that your deleted video files may be recovered back to your Drive account.

Method 1. Contact Google Drive Support

Here is a Simple Guide to Get Back your Videos Deleted from Trash on Google Drive Talking to a Drive Specialist.

Note: I tried the following method to recover my photos deleted from GDrive, but you can use the same procedure to recover deleted videosūüėÄ.

  1. Go to Find or recover a file Google Support Page.
    Find ir Recover a File Support Page
  2. Scroll down and click on Sign in under Need more help?
    Sign in to Contact Support
  3. Here login in with the Google Account for which you wish to recover the photos.
  4. If you are already signed in make sure you select the correct Google Account from the account list.
    Sign in with Correct Google Account
  5. Once signed in you will see two options; Ask the Help Community and Contact Us
  6. Click on Contact Us.
    Contact Google Drive Support
  7. Fill in the details.
  8. First, tell Google that you wish to restore the photos and click Next Step.
    Write about your Issue
  9. Confirm your issue.
  10. Scroll down and click the Next step.
    Scroll Down and Confirm the Request
  11. Here you will be given two options Email and Chat Support.
  12. Click on Chat support.
    Click Chat
  13. Confirm your Email Address and other details and click Submit.
    Confirm your Details and click Submit
  14. A small chat box will open at the right bottom corner.
  15. A Google Drive Specialist will be available within a few minutes.
  16. Tell him/her about your issues and he will ask you for some details.
  17. He/She will confirm your email and type of document.
  18. The support will also give you some details regarding the recovery.
  19. Once you confirm the recovery, it will take a few minutes to recover the videos.
  20. You can check the videos will be back in your Google Photos account.
If the Chat support is not available you can contact the GDrive via Email Support to recover the files. Just fill the email form and wait for the response from the Google Drive team, your files will be recovered within a few days.

Method 2. For GSuite Users

If the videos are auto-deleted from Trash Bin after 30 days threshold limit or if you manually purged the Bin, then there is hope for you to recover deleted videos from Drive if you are Google Workspace or GSuite user. A Google Workspace has an option to recover Drive Videos that are permanently deleted.

Note that you have 25 days since the video was permanently deleted from the Trash folder to recover them with Admin Console. After 25 days, there is a bleak hope of recovering deleted videos using Google Drive Specialist Support from the method above.

Here are Simple Steps to recover Permanently Google Drive Videos from Trash Bin using Admin Console.

  1. Log in to Admin Console with GSuite Account.
  2. Now click on the User option.
    Hit Users Option
  3. Now, look at the user for which you wish to recover the data.
  4. Options will highlight for the user. Here click on the More option.
  5. Now tap on Restore Data.
  6. A pop-up box will appear, enter the date range, and select Application.
  7. Hit Restore button.
    Select Drive and Hit Restore
  8. Done! The deleted videos will be back into your Drive account within few minutes.


Take a sigh of relief if accidentally deleted videos from Drive as there are few ways through which you can restore deleted video files. With this Simple Guide above you can Recover Permanently Deleted Videos from Trash Bin of Google Drive.

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