Restrict to Hide Download Button on Google Drive

Remove the Download Button from Google Drive Shared Files and Hide the Download Option with these Simple Trick for Web and Mobile Desktop Browser.
Hide Google Drive Download Button for Shared Files

Suppose you want to share a Google Drive file with your family, friends, or colleague but do not want to give them download permissions. Then Drive offers the option to remove the download button, and the shared file can only be viewed. You can change the permissions for a file before sharing it with someone and restrict the viewer with limited permissions.

The option is available for GDrive web. This download button restriction is only limited to files, and you cannot remove the download button for folders. Here we will look at removing the download option button from a shared file and only grant view permissions for the file.

Steps to Hide Download Button for Shared Files

Here are the Simple Steps to Disable Download Button from Shared Google Drive Files on Desktop Browser

  1. Go to Google Drive Site.
  2. Here look for the file for which you wish to restrict the download option.
  3. Right-click on the file open more options.
  4. Here click on the Share or Share_icon_Google_Drive Share option.
  5. A sharing box will open. Here click on the Gear_ICon_Google_driveGear icon to open Share with people settings.
  6. Now disable the right tick for ‘Viewers and commenters can see the option to download, print, and copy.’
  7. That’s it, and now you can share the file with the Viewer or Commentator permissions.
  8. The download button will be hidden from the file.


Protect your files from abuse or download by just granting view permissions to the media like Video, Docs, PDF, Sheets, Images, etc., and hide the download button from the preview page.

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