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How to Uninstall Google Drive Desktop on MacBook?

Looking to Remove Google Drive for Desktop from MacBook PC. Here is the Simple Guide to Uninstall Google Drive on Mac Computer.
How to Uninstall Google Drive Desktop on MacBook? 1

You can use Google Drive for desktop on your Mac or Windows PC to backup and sync the files across the PC and Google account. Drive for Desktop comes in very handy to quickly access the files on your computer and also the backup from the PC to the Google Cloud account.

But if for some reason you want to delete the Google Drive desktop app from your MacBook, the process is pretty simple. Maybe you do not want to use the service anymore or you are facing syncing issues with the drive for desktop, whatever may be the issue you can uninstall the app easily from your Mac PC without leaving any trace of the app. Below is a simple three-step guide to uninstall and remove Google drive for desktop from your Mac

Step 1. Disconnect and Quit Google Drive

The first step is to disconnect your Google account with Drive for Desktop app and then Quit the app.

  1. Click on the Gear icon Gear_ICon_Google_drive on Google Drive.
    CLick on gear icon
  2. Open the Preferences.
    Preferences Drive for Desktop
  3. Now click on the Gear icon Gear_ICon_Google_drive.
    Click on Gear Icon Preferences
  4. Here Disconnect Google Account.
    Disconnect Account
  5. Confirm to Disconnect acccount.
    Disconnect Google Drive Account
  6. Now again open on Google Drive settings and Quit to close the app.
    Quit Drive for Desktop

Step 2. Remove Google Drive from Mac

Now you can remove the Drive for Desktop app from MacBook PC Finder and Uninstall it.

  • Open Mac Finder.
  • Click on Application.
  • Look for Google Drive
  • Open more options and click on Move to Bin.
    Move to Bin Google Drive Desktop
  • The Google Drive app is uninstalled from Mac.

Step 3. Delete Google Drive Cache (Optional)

You can delete the Drive cache files stored on your Mac and completely remove any trace of Google Drive for Desktop installation on a MacBook PC.

If you are deleting the Drive cache to reinstall the app again, it is good to keep the backup of the folder. You can copy your existing cache and rename it “DriveFS_old”.  If your new installation doesn’t succeed, you can contact support for help.

Open Mac Terminal by pressing command+spacebar. Enter the following command.

~/Library/Application Support/Google/DriveFS/

Open Terminal App

Open more menu options and move the DriveFS folder to the bin to completely remove the cache files from MacBook.

Move to Bin DriveFS Cache

That’s it with this simple guide you can disable and uninstall the Google Drive for Desktop app from Mac PC completely.

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