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How to Rotate a Picture in Google Docs? [3 Methods]

Looking to Rotate a Picture Uploaded to Google Docs? Here are the Best Available Methods to Rotate an Image in Google Docs.
How to Rotate an Image in Google Docs

Google Docs is a free productivity tool for creating, editing, and sharing documents. Resumes, Brochures, Reports, Business Letters and Informal letters, Essays, Lesson Plan and Project reports are some of the things that can be prepared on Google Docs. Collaboration has become simple because of the easy accessibility of Google Docs. Not only this, users can download add – ons that help them do even more.

It has many clever editing tools that let users refine their documents with pictures, fonts, etc. Talking about adding pictures, we have created a guide detailing the process of rotating an image in Google Docs. This step-by-step guide is straightforward to follow.

Method 1. Directly Rotate the Image

Step 1: Go to Google Docs, where you have inserted the image. If you haven’t inserted an image, then you do it. From the toolbar located at the top, click on ‘Insert‘. Next, select ‘Image’ from the dropdown menu that appears. Select the location from where you want to upload your image.

You can upload an image from locations like your computer, Google Drive, Google Photos. Users can even insert an image through a URL.

Insert Image

Step 2: After inserting the image, select it. A blue border will appear around the image. This blue border will have square handles and are extended like with a circle at the top. The blue squares can be used to resize the image but you don’t need them right now!

Size and Rotation

Step 3: The small circle that appears at the top of the border is what you are looking for! This small circle can be used to rotate the image in whatever direction you’d like. Click and hold on to this circle to rotate the image, and then let go once you’re satisfied.

Click on Rotate Icon

Rotate Image with Cursor

Please note that rotating an image may move it down in the document. If you do not find your image after rotation, then scroll down, it may have shifted to fit in the page.

Method 2. Adjust Size and Rotation

Step 1: Go to the Google Docs you’ve inserted the image in or insert the image if you haven’t already. You can follow the steps given above to insert an image.

Rotate an Image in Google Docs

Step 2: Select the image. A small menu will appear below the image, along with the blue border mentioned above. Click on the three vertical dots icon. This is the Image options menu. Next, select ‘ Size and Rotation’.

Size & Rotation

Step 3: Clicking on ‘Size and Rotation’ will open an ‘Image Options‘ menu at the right-hand side of the page. Under the ‘Rotate‘ section, you can either rotate the image by ninety degrees or change the angle of the picture. After this, you’re done!

Clicking on 'Size and Rotation' will open an 'Image Options'

Method 3. Rotate Image in Drawing

The alternative method involves rotating the image in Drawing. This is a slightly long method with more steps. In this method, you have to insert the image in Drawings and then rotate it. This method is useful if you also want to edit the image. Since it is a bit complicated, we recommend using the two easy methods given above.

Step 1: Go to the Google Docs you want to insert the image in. Click on ‘Insert’ and select ‘Drawing’ from the dropdown menu. Next, Click on ‘New’.

Open New Drawing

Step 2: Click on the highlighted image icon located at the end of the toolbar. Select the location where you want to upload the image from and insert it.

Add Image in Drawing

Step 3: Just like the first method, the image, in this case, will have a small blue circle at the top of the border of the image. Rotate this image as per your needs and then click on ‘Save and Close’. The image will be rotated!

Rotate Image in Drawing

Rotate Image

Rotating an image VS Flipping an image

Rotating an image and flipping an image in Google Docs are two different things. Flipping an image will mirror it. The image flips either vertically or horizontally.


There you have it, folks! We hope our guide was helpful. We have explained the whole process so you can choose from the three methods provided and try them. Do try them and let us know if you thought it was easy to follow.

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