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How to Restore Deleted Files from iCloud Drive on iOS?

Wish to Recover Deleted File from iCloud Drive on your iPhone and iPad? Here is a Simple Guide to Restore Files or Folders Deleted from iCloud Drive on iOS.
Recently Deleted iCloud Drive

iCloud is the default cloud storage for all Mac, iPad, and iPhone users. As you sign up for the same you get free storage of 5GB where you can store photos, videos, documents, etc. And once you upload any file on iCloud you can be assured that your data is safe and secure. But at any point in time, you happen to delete any file inadvertently. The thought of losing your data is scary, isn’t it? This must-have got you thinking about the possible ways to recover it. Well, in this article we’ll cover all such steps to recover your lost file if you have deleted it from your iCloud Drive.

There is no standalone iCloud App for iOS devices. You can use the Files app to upload or delete a file from iCloud Drive. This makes the process seamless and easy. You can use the same Files app to restore a deleted file or folder from your iCloud Drive. Steps are listed below with images for better understanding.

How to Recover Deleted Files from iCloud Drive Using

Steps to Recover Deleted iCloud Drive Files on iOS Mobile

  1. Open the Files App on your iOS mobile.
    Files App iPhone
  2. Once you open the application you will find two icons at the bottom. Click on the ‘Browse’ option, here you will find different locations where the files are stored.
    Browse File
  3. Tap on ‘Recently Deleted’, here you will find the files deleted from iCloud.
    Recently Deleted Option
  4. To retrieve the file, click on the top right corner icon More Option iPhone and tap the ‘Select’ option.
    Select Files
  5. Then select on the file(s) you want to restore and click ‘Recover’.
    Recover Selected
  6. There is another way to restore the file(s),  you can also long-press on a particular file and click ‘Recover’.
    Recover Button

The restored items can be found in the original location they were before deletion. The cloud drive stores the deleted file in recycle bin for  30 days after which the files are permanently deleted.


With the simple guide, you can recover deleted files from your iCloud Drive on your iPhone and iPad mobiles without losing your data. I hope you find this article helpful and resourceful

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