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Move Folders and Files from OneDrive to iCloud Drive on iOS

Looking to Move Folders from OneDrive to iCloud Drive on iPhone and iPad Mobile. Here is the Simple Guide to Transfer Files from OneDrive to iCloud Drive.
Move Files from iCloud to OneDrive on iPhone

OneDrive is a cloud storage service by Microsoft; you can use OneDrive on Apple devices, namely, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. OneDrive can be used to back up PC and mobile. If you are using the iCloud+ plan and have space on your iCloud, you might be looking for ways to transfer the OneDrive folder to iCloud. Here is the guide to move files from OneDrive to iCloud Drive.

On PC, you can download the OneDrive files from the site and manually upload them to

Steps to Move Files from OneDrive to iCloud Drive

Here are the best Steps to Transfer Files and Folders from OneDrive to iCloud Drive

  1. Download OneDrive on iOS mobile.
  2. Open the Files app Files App iOS and click on Edit.
    Edit Files App
  3. Enable OneDrive. This will give the Files app access to all OneDrive files and folders.
    Enable OneDrive in Files App
  4. Open OneDrive in Files and copy the files and folders that you want to transfer to iCloud Drive.
    Copy items to Move to OneDrive
  5. Now go back to Files App.
  6. Open iCloud Drive.
  7. Select the location to paste the files.
  8. Long press on empty space and paste the copied files.
  9. The files and folder will be copied from OneDrive to iCloud Drive. The device needs to have an active internet connection to perform the action.
  10. Now once done, (if you wish), you can delete the files in OneDrive. The files will be available on iCloud and will be deleted from Drive.

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