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Download Google Drive Folder on iPhone [Guide]

Download Google Drive Folder on iPhone and iPad Mobile Without Zipping Using Files App and Save the Folder from Google Drive to iOS Storage.
Download Google Drive Folder on iPhone

Downloading Google Drive files on iPhone is not as easy as it is for Android mobile. The Drive mobile app for iOS does not offer the option to download the Google Drive folder on your iPhone storage. The best method to download the folders from Google Drive to your iPhone without zipping is using Files App. Today in this post I will show you detailed steps to download Drive folders on your iPhone or iPad mobile without zipping.

Steps to Download Folder from Google Drive to iPhone

Here are Simple Steps to Download Google Files Folder on iPhone Storage Using Files App

  1. Open Files App Files App iOS.
  2. Open Google Drive Folder.
    Google Drive Files App

    If the Google Drive folder is not showing in the Files App then click on the menu option More Option iPhone on the top. Here select the Edit option and enable Google Drive.
    Enable Google Drive Option
  3. Click on the menu option More Option iPhone from top.
  4. Click on Select to select a folder/s to download.
  5. Once the folder/s is selected, click on the menu option More Option iPhone at the bottom.
  6. Now click the Copy button to copy the folder and hit Done.
    Now click Copy to copy the folder
  7. Now go back to Files App main page.
  8. Open iPhone Storage.
    On My iPhone Files App
  9. Select the location to paste the folder.
    Select the Folder to Paste the File
  10. Long press on empty space and paste the copied folder/s.
  11. The device needs to have an active internet connection to download the pasted folder in iPhone Storage.

That’s it with this Simple Guide you can directly download the complete folder to your iPhone Storage without manually downloading the files.

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