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How to Open Apple Pages in Google Docs?

Looking to Open Apple Pages Extension Files on Google Docs. Here are a Few Best Methods to Convert Pages into Docx and Open the *.Pages Files in Google Docs.
How to Open Apple Pages in Google Docs

Apple uses a proprietary word processor named Pages. Like Google Docs and Microsoft Word, Pages also offer extensive editing features to create a good document. The Pages file has *.Pages extension and they are accessible on all Apple devices, iPhone, iPad, MacBook and on the web as well using

Google Docs does not support Pages extension files, but you can convert the pages to Docx and edit the file in Google Docs. Below are a few methods to look into,

1. Convert *.Pages to *.Docx

Google Docs does not support *.pages. You need to convert the Pages into Docx and then upload the file to Google Drive, you can then open the doc file in Google Docs.

  1. Open Cloud Convert to convert Pages to Docx.
    cloudconvert pages-to-docx
  2. Select the Pages file that you wish to convert to DOCX.
    Open Pages to DOCX
  3. Click Convert to convert the file in DOCX.
    Convert Pages to DOCX
  4. Download the converted file.
    Download Docx
  5. Open Google Drive and upload the Docx file downloaded.
    File Upload
  6. You can now open the Pages file in Google Docs.
    DOCX in Google Drive

2. Download Pages as DOCX

If you are accessing Pages files on an Apple device, then the files are synced across all iCloud devices and

  1. Open and log in with your Apple ID credentials.
  2. Open Pages and look for the file to download as Word Document.
    Open Pages
  3. Click on Tool on and download the file as Word.
    Download File as Word
  4. Now you can upload the file to Google Drive to open the file in Google Drive.

3. Convert the File in Google Drive itself

If the file is already available on Google Drive then you can use an addon to convert the file online and access it to open it in Google Docs.

Open Pages using 3rd party Addon

There are a number of apps that you can use to convert the *.Pages to *.Docx and open the file in Gdocs.


Though Google Docs is not compatible with Pages files you can still use 3rd party tools or file converters to change the format and open the Apple Pages to Google Docs.

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