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How to Disable iCloud Drive Backup on MacBook?

Wish to Disable iCloud Backup on your MacBook PC to Turn OFF macOS Auto Upload to Drive. Here is the Best Method to Stop iCloud Backup on Mac
How to Stop iCloud Backup on Mac

iCloud on your MacBook auto-uploads the files and photos from your PC if you have set the preference for backing up macOS. This is indeed a good future feature if you wish to store all your Macbook content and files to secure iCloud storage. But if you are running low in storage or if you do not want to upload files to iCloud, then keeping this feature enabled is of no use.

Before we begin with disabling the iCloud backup, it is important to note that iCloud data that is uploaded from the Mac PC is also synced across other Apple devices signed in with the iCloud account. So, If you do not wish to backup Mac files to your iCloud account, here are the best settings available to turn off iCloud backup on your Mac PC.

Turn OFF iCloud Backup on MacBook Settings

You can disable iCloud auto-upload from your Macbook using Mac OS settings

  • Click on the Apple icon on the left top menu bar and open System Preferences.
  • Click on Apple ID.
    Apple ID in MacBook Settings
  • Here on the left pan, click on iCloud.
  • Uncheck all the options that you do not want to backup or sync with your iCloud.
    Uncheck iCloud Box
  • Click on Options next to iCloud Drive.
    iCloud Drive Options...
  • Under Documents, uncheck the option. If you uncheck Desktop & Documents Folders, the files on Desktop and Document folder on Mac will not upload to iCloud Drive.
    Documents Backup iCloud

Switching Off iCloud for the apps in document may effect the performance of the app. You should check the app information online to confirm weather you can use the app without iCloud before unchecking the box.

Disabling iCloud Drive

If you Turn Off the iCloud Drive option, you will be shown a pop-up message. Here, if you select Remove from Mac, the data will be deleted from your PC but still will be available on iCloud Storage. But if you click on Keep a Copy, the data will be stored on your PC and Cloud Storage as well.

Turn OFF iCloud Drive

Disabling Photos

If you uncheck the Photos option, you will be shown a message. Here, if you select Download, the photos download on your PC but will also be available on iCloud Storage. But if you click on Delete from Mac, the data will be deleted from Mac but still be available on iCloud.

Photos Settings MacBook

Stop iCloud Photos Backup on Mac

Open the Photos app and click on Preferences to open Photos Settings.

Preferences iCloud Photos

In Photos settings, under iCloud, Turn OFF iCloud Photos.

Uncheck iCloud Photos

That’s it; with a simple guide, you can disable iCloud drive backup on your Macbook PC. There are a few settings to look into, and some of the settings require you to have backup enabled, so make the changes according to your requirement.

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