How to Embed a Video from Google Drive?

Looking to Embed Videos Stored on Google Drive on your Website or Blog Page. Here is a Simple Guide to Embed Video from Google Drive on a Web page.
How to Embed a Video from Google Drive

Google Drive offers some fantastic features making it a go-to choice for everyone on the internet. You can store files, share them, restrict the content, assign owners to the file, host files or simply use it as a data transfer service. Google Drive comes with a built-in video player that helps users play stored videos online without downloading them and embed video iFrame on a web page.

Storing videos on Google Drive can come in very handy as it allows users to add subtitles directly, control video quality, and playback speed, making it a perfect video storage platform. Today in this post, I will explain simple steps to Embed Google Drive video on any HTML Web Page or blogs like Blogger or WordPress.

Steps to Embed Google Drive Video on a Web Page

  1. Go to Google Drive and look for the video that you wish to embed.
  2. Right-click on the video and tap on the Get Link button.
  3. Here change the link permission to Anyone with the link can view.
    Anyone with the Link
  4. Copy the link and open it.
    Copy Link
  5. Now click on the 3 dots and click on the Embed item.
    Embed a Video from Google Drive

    If you do not see the embed option, click on Open in New window button.
    Open in New Tab Video
  6. Copy the iFrame code.
    iFrame Embed Code
  7. Paste the code on the page to generate the video embed.
    Paste the code on the page to generate the video embed

That’s it; you can embed Google Drive videos on your web page using this simple guide.

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